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Through the mediums of soft sculpture, video, collage, internet art and installation, Zara Dudley explores her personal journey of healing and recalibrating the self.


Her personal narratives are presented through the employment of found object, unmonumental materials and a cyclical archive of supporting imagery and symbols.


Intuitive composition of her installations allows Dudley to articulate aspects of spirituality that require tactility and tenderness. By creating a binary between the decrepit and beloved, she bestows the status of ‘ritualistic debris’ upon her idiosyncratic collection.


Her process of making is motivated from material curiosity and sensitivity. Dudley investigates the action of uniting the everyday with the sacred through approaching materials with an instinctive awareness of their past, present and future lives.


Experiences of sexual, social and spiritual trauma are communicated through the construction of private rituals, ceremonies, sacraments and scripture; ultimately cultivating Dudley's own private faith.

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