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dirty deity, (2019), paper, gouache, card, graphite, gel pen, wax paper, butchers paper, plastic, masking tape, 21 x 29.7 cm.

dirty deity - 2019

dirty deity is a collage series centred around the feminine body as a site of hyper-sexualisation and sanctity. Spirituality and sexuality intertwine as Dudley attempts to find unity and balance between the two. Imagery is reflected in the title as it forms a dissonance of self; the holy self and the sinning self. 

"dirty deity is presented as the heroine of her own narrative, authored by others and herself. she is forlorn, desperate for someone to love and adore her, but also fearful of the way they seek to claim her as their own or even worse, reject her. she is aware of her other titles, 'self-induced sex object' and 'frigid, pop-loving bitch'. 


she presents her body as both the whore and the angel, looking at her audience with both reverence and lust; with a desire to be seen and known but never wholly understood. she struggles against the outer and inner worlds, seeking refuge in a faith of her own making. she is a self-appointed goddess, advocating self-love in any form it may manifest as, whether it be promiscuous or god-honouring."


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