Guide, (2020), Mixed media on Lightbox, 100 x 45 x 20 cm.

guide - 2020

guide (2020) explores the archival as a form of preservation through small-scale installation. Positioned cautiously upon a low-lying custom-built Lightbox are a range of archival objects and materials from my own selectively curated collection that has been amassing over many years. Intended to be an iterative work, guide is an opportunity to produce work in a cyclical, evolving manner. 

There is a playfulness attributed to bringing oneself down towards the earth, as we recall the childhood memory of letting our imagination be expressed through the allocated materials of our toys and miscellaneous, commonplace objects we encountered and were peculiarly fascinated by.

Detritus, both natural and synthetic unite within the scaffolding that guide offers. A union which seeks to understand the implications of existence amongst a landscape of minimal spiritual connection and copious amounts of consumption.