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The Arcane Is A Virtue, (2019), Ice, oyster shell, oil, costume jewellery, paper, cotton string, 25 x 25 x 7 cm

The Arcane is a Virtue - 2019

The Arcane is a Virtue presents a series of volatile masses of mummified water precariously balance in the physical realm, accompanied by an original composition, titled (THE EXEGESIS) .

Intending to explore the ephemeral and intangible, nostalgic and sentimental items are immortalised within a material that is eternally youthful whilst simultaneously ageing; a resource in constant state of recycling.

Debris is sentimentalised in an attempt to draw attention towards the overlooked objects and spaces of our universal lives. Viewers are encouraged to interrelate the affectionate subject and spatial realms as a prompt to question their own narratives and mortal condition.  

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