The Arcane Is A Virtue, (2019), Ice, oyster shell, oil, costume jewellery, paper, cotton string, 25 X 25 X 7 cm

The Arcane is a Virtue - 2019

The Arcane is a Virtue is an exploration of how detritus can transform itself into a pious object through time or attachment, thus enchanting the psyche. a series of volatile masses of mummified water precariously balance in the physical realm, accompanied by an original composition of the artist, titled (THE EXEGESIS) informing the work esoterically. 

Intending to explore the ephemeral and intangible, nostalgic and sentimental items are immortalised in a material that is simultaneously young and old, a resource constantly recycling itself since the birth of the universe. 

Debris is romanticised in an attempt to bring attention to the overlooked objects and spaces of our universal lives. The shared experience of over-attachment to meaningless and/or futile belongings connects the viewer to the work, humanising the abstract forms. 


The restrictions of how physicality can be contained and separated to achieve a disorientated sense of space are examined through material and setting. Viewers are encouraged to interrelate the affectionate subject and spatial realms to question their own narratives and mortal condition.