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The Excretion of Disbelief [I Really Need To Whatsapp My Shaman], (2019), Assemblage, 50 x 110 x 120 cm.

An Excretion of Disbelief [I Really Need to Whatsapp My Shaman] - 2019

The psychological space between enlightenment and emotional torment is represented within the installation of The Excretion of Disbelief [I Really Need to WhatsApp My Shaman] (2019). The considered assemblage is an attempt to manifest the experience struggle between capturing a sense of grounded spirituality in the face of progressively growing nihilistic sentiment.


Personal objects, debris and faulty electrical items are composed to insinuate the residue of peculiar human activity. Two discarded cinderblocks act as dominant, pillars within the work, both housing and supporting the other elements.


An array of metaphors and symbols are present as the materials are organised purposefully and in correlation to each other, displaying disconnect and eclectic states of being. Raw materials are highlighted against consumer detritus in an effort to strip down materiality in an age of plasticity and artificiality.

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