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venus ive failed u, (2019), assemblage, 230 x 65 x 70 cm.

venus ive failed u - 2019

venus ive failed you (2019) is an installation which attempts to embody a space of self and collective healing. Centred around a tapestry of fabric collage, abstract and literal self-portraits are seen scattered throughout the arrangement.
venus acts as a fragmented surrogate body that serves the artist in her attempt to heal. She seeks to edge away from isolation and embedded trauma, moving towards a collective experience that promotes unison and shared understanding. 
Each element is hyper-biographical and suggests a disjointed narrative pertaining to a veiled relationship with the body and its functions as both a vessel and object of desire.
venus is reminiscent of cubby houses built in infancy, a designated private space for a viewer to seek refuge and observe the underbelly of spirituality.

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